With over 30 years’ experience, we are a leading work-based learning provider in the North West and have built an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality training services and apprenticeships

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Grow future talent by recruiting and training the right apprentice at no cost to you to bring enthusiasm and energy to your workforce.

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When taking up an Apprenticeship with us, you’ll get wages, holiday pay and the training and support to get the qualifications you need.

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Search and apply for jobs directly through our jobs board. If there is no job for you, contact us for an general application form.

Who we work with?


We strive to achieve the best return on investment for the employers we work with. Our focus is on improving learner competencies and providing businesses with the skill-sets they need in order to move forward successfully.



We treat every student as an individual and take the time to get to know you. We are committed to providing exceptional levels of support for learners throughout the training process and ensure access to greater work and further education.

Why us?


Success Rates

We have achieved outstanding Apprenticeship success rates in all subject areas. Our excellent learner support means we consistently see examination pass rates above national averages.


Our work-based learning programmes support organisations and individual learners by providing vocational training within their working environment through Apprenticeships.

Each year we engage in training over



dental nurse apprenticeship